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Cannabis Trend Report

This year, cannabis and its constituent compounds will stake their claim as some of the most prevalent superfoods available.As companies like 48North continue to refine and isolate cannabinoids like CBD, THC and CBN, we will see the next gen-eration of supplements designed to elevate health and well-being.

From chefs to beauty experts, formula wizards are bio-hacking into the future, developing a robust suite of hybrid cannabinoid-rich nutraceuticals — a mix of healthful ingredients with targeted medical benefits.

Los Angeles-based Moon Juice claims its ingestible adaptogens, sourced from mushrooms and herbs, will help to harness our most powerful selves. Colorado-based Aceso is mixing CBD extracts with similar natural ingredients to make a powder that relaxes the brain.

Terpine Cuisine

Community, ritual, indulgence and self-nourishment are key ingredients that inform the edible journey. It has become increasingly popular for chefs to engagein experiential cannabis activations featuring playful ingredients and thoughtful dosing.

In 2019, we expect to see this trend move to the next level, with edible cannabis products going beyond THC and CBD infusions.Chefs will play with the senses through unique flavour profiles inspired by terpenes(organic molecules that convey flavour)found in cannabis. With more than 20,000 naturally occurring terpenes in existence,of which more than 100 are found in various cannabis strains, there are endless possibilities.