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Cannabis Trend Report

Sex is always on trend. Like good sleep, good sex plays an important role in our well-being, and amazing sex is definitely in line with a year dedicated to personalized indulgence.

Coming to the market in 2019 are cannabis-infused sex-enhancing products designed to improve our libidos, enhance performance or heighten our senses for more titillating self-exploration. For women suffering painful conditions such as endometriosis, cannabis-infused sex products offer access to a whole world of sexual enjoyment previously out of reach.

We are already seeing the rollout of these products; even the government is getting in on the fun — the Ontario Cannabis Store is now selling cannabis sprays for the bedroom. If getting down and dirty in the kitchen is your jam, DIY recipes for THC or CBD lube are easy (and legal).


Hyper-personalization has become a driving mandate for successful lifestyle brands and products across the globe, a trend we also see throughout the cannabis experience.

Wellness solutions, products and ingredients tailored to our genome, disposition or perspective are raising the bar on customizable and controllable effects. With cannabis, low and micro-dosing allow for bespoke, personalized experiences. With the next phase of legalization expected in October 2019, there will be more ways to make our cannabis experiences our own.

Likewise, look out for companies like Endocanna Health to step up personal dosing by analyzing each individual’s unique endocannabinoid system. This DNA information makes dosing, consumption and wellness plans customizable, maximizing the effects of cannabinoids according to each body’s unique composition.

Mend the Mind

Mindfulness and holistic wellness were all the rage in 2018. This year, we will see neuropriming gain traction. Neuropriming — basically a workout for your brain using electrical, sensory and chemical stimulation — is said to support cognitive function. Early adopters of neuropriming are looking to focus the mind, improve athletic performance or tap into the subconscious through meditation, monitoring and activities that nourish the brain. CBD will play a major role in this brain fitness frenzy.

Toronto’s recently opened Mindset Brain Gym offers multi-sensory experiences with intention-driven classes, zero-gravity recliners and guided meditations in immersive 3D soundscapes, along with brain-wave-sensing technology to measure progress.