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Cannabis Trend Report
Elevated astrotourism

The perfect remedy in an era of information overload, astrotourism speaks to a growing demand for spiritual reprieve and the desire to rise above the white noise of our daily lives.

From star gazing to star bathing and trans-parent lodging, the travel industry is investing in holistic, immersive experiences in remote destinations, sometimes paired with the perfect CBD-THC blend.

In 2018, tour operator Off the Map Travel launched Aurora Wilderness Camp, a sled hotel that offers an immersive northern lights experience in Finland. National Geographic launched ObservEtoiles, the world’s first open-air planetarium taking advantage of augmented reality. We expect to see more mainstream travel destinations move beyond typical all-inclusive holidays to something more other-worldly.


Adventuring into the cannabis landscape provides an enlightening, immersive platform to unplug from technology and reconnect with ourselves. With a growing demand for cannabis tourism, retreats offering infused self-care experiences and emphasizing the plant’s most soothing qualities are hot, hot, hot and high, high, high for 2019.

Expect to find more cannabis-centric websites like The Highly, The Travel Joint, and Bud and Breakfast offering directories of customized experiences for cannabis-minded travellers.