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Cannabis Trend Report
Sun Rise

In Canada, cannabis plants are moving back outdoors. Sun-grown, outdoor organic cannabis is perfect for eco-conscious and wellness-minded consumers.

The ability to manipulate an environment to achieve higher yields or more robust plant health is both an art and science. Sun-grown cannabis is an opportunity to connect Licensed Producers with agricultural communities in a grassroots manner and partner with Mother Nature herself. 48North’s sun-grown organic cannabis will provide a significant, first-mover advantage in the production of low-cost, next-generation, extract-based cannabis products.

Ladies First

Botanically, cannabis plants can be male or female. Female plants produce THC-rich cannabis flowers, while the males provide pollen. Female plants must be separated from male plants to prevent fertilization and allow for the maturation of full, cannabinoid-rich flowers.

Further, high-quality cannabis starts with a healthy, well-maintained mother plant. The mother is kept in a pre-flower, vegetative state and cloned at beginning of each cycle to make babies that will grow up to flower and bloom. The female nature of cannabis as we know it translatesdirectly to the experience of all cannabisconsumers. 48North looks forward to bringing licensed brand Mother + Clone to market in 2019. Inspired by the female-forward cannabis breeding process and taking advantage of nano-technology,Mother + Clone’s sublingual spray activates in 15 seconds.


The cannabis industry is focused on education; teaching people the many ways in which the magic potential of cannabis can be unlocked. This year we will move beyond the rudimentary idea of “higher learning” to focus on undoing years of negative representations of cannabis in all its forms. We understand that mainstream acceptance is not only about awareness, but also about “unlearning” — an important step in destigmatizing cannabis after years of miseducation. Workshops, events and communities will exist along with more traditional fact-based education, the goal being to stamp out years of dangerous and unfair propaganda. In step with 2019’s theme of slowing down and taking a personal approach, storytelling and softer methods of learning will continue to gain momentum.

48North has launched Latitude to empower women to engage with and learn from each other’s stories around personal cannabis use. A mix of educational tools and storytelling, Latitude looks to educate by demystifying the cannabis plant.