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Cannabis Trend Report
Out of the Closet

We are in the first generation of consumers for whom cannabis is legal, so it’s rare to see an ornate Victorian grinder passed down from nana, or a rolling tray worthy of our Herman Miller coffee table.

In 2019, we will see high-inspired, cutting-edge cannabis accessories we can feel proud to display. 48North recently launched F8, a line of purposeful, versatile and beautiful accessories that bring cannabis accoutrements out of hiding and into highly designed spaces.

Sew High

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is repairing the plant’s reputation globally. Old stereotypes are being replaced by associations with wellness, performance, feminism, digital innovation and social health. This evolution will continue in 2019, laced through design and all facets of the fashion industry, including cannabis-clad collections. Many designers who have relied on cannabis as a creative outlet for themselves are excited about bringing their favourite plant into the mainstream, weaving forward-thinking iterations of cannabis imagery into their work. Creatives are now fusing the motif with digital aesthetics: think LED, pixelated, tech-bent filters and 3D patinas.

Leading the pack are Alexander Wang with his AW16 collection, and Gelareh Mizrahi’s pot-leaf purse. Both designers are inte-grating on-point cannabis imagery and attitude in their prêt-à-porter collections. Expect to see more pot-cured lines in the year ahead.