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Cannabis Trend Report

The Canadian Press named cannabis the 2018 business story of the year. With legalization now behind us, 48North predicts the influence of this formidable flower will be extended, disrupting many facets of society.

Without question, cannabis has become a huge category, intersecting, engaging and impacting all industries and sectors. In 2019, the biggest cannabis lifestyle trends will be fueled by a shift from an immersive, high-paced information age to a holistic, customized experience economy. Undoubtedly, this is a rebound effect of a society exhausted by sensory overload and the subsequent anxiety that comes with fast news, fast food and increasing political instability.

Legalization has paved the way for major advancements in bespoke, customizable products and services across the lifestyle, age and health-and-wellness spectrums. As the rollout of legalized cannabis continues, 48North and its peers will be at the forefront of developing innovative products and brands, proudly inviting cannabis into our homes and wellness routines, and using the plant to heighten our food, travel and leisure activities.

A demand for deeper connections, personal healing, slowing down and decluttering — all delivered with a healthy dose of authenticity — is at the heart of 48North’s Cannabis Trend Forecast.

Trend prediction are based on reports by WGSN and JWT Intelligence.